Feb. 6, 2021

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A big welcome in and thank you for listening to some random bloke recording a few minutes of thoughts from the back of his car! Please do get involved and let us know your thoughts and feelings. www.discussitall.co.uk  - Whilst you are there, why not record a voice message? 

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Discuss it all 


Introducing all manner of discussions in a field good vibe. This is discuss it all podcast with Paul Andrew and friends. Hello, and welcome to the brand new discuss it all podcast. The clue is very much in the title, nothing is really off the cards, we will be looking to discuss absolutely everything and anything that's topical, it may be in the news at that particular week, or it just may be something that anyone of us , of which we will have many contributers, may have on our minds. But the main focus of this podcast will be you guys, the listeners, thank you very much, if you will have just discovered this, it would be great if you could be part of this from the very beginning. And hopefully we can build up a podcast about everything really. So that I don't know, maybe it'd be walking the dogs, you might want to listen to the podcast, then it might just be an early morning thing you might be jogging, and you like the sound of people talking about labiche whatever it may be, whatever the purpose, it would be great to have you along on this journey. I am sat recording this on my telephone in the back of our car, because I'm just trying to get the perfect mix of ambience. And, you know, real real belonging, really putting my all into this podcast market. No, genuinely, i have got a bit of a passion for this, and really do want to take this all the way along with their co contributors, as they may be called fellow hosts. And more importantly to me friends. And yeah, it's gonna be great, I've got really, really good, really good feeling about this whole thing. But mostly purely because I just think it's important that we all have a place to talk. And just to know, there's other people out there, who are maybe not of the same ilk may have different opinions. But just wanted to talk with you and don't want this to be a talking at you podcast, it would be nice to get everybody involved, your thoughts, your feelings, and maybe we'll have the odd game as well, for him. Because it's all about talking to each other. having a bit of fun. respecting each other's values as well, would be a because that's that's what life's about really, isn't it? You're gonna come across people that may not understand you, and may not show you any respect. So how do we handle that? And what do we do to show others? Perhaps, your way of life? So yeah, lots of things to talk about. Along the way, we'd like to interview people. So that includes you, the listener, that'd be great. I love to interview people. I want to hone in my skills in interviewing, try to be a little bit more out there. Maybe ask questions that are not the norm to ask. And hopefully not offend anyone in the process. That will be fantastic. And so that that's definitely on the cards. So what to expect interviews, lots of them eventually. Anybody Will anybody really who would like to be asked questions, not nothing too personal, just something to do with what they do. So it might be that they're an interviewee you know, they might like interviewing other people. So who interviews the interviewer? And also, you know, talking about what it's like to interview idols. I'm leaving this up because I have somebody in mind who is absolutely fantastic. And hopefully we're gonna get set some great contributions from him, and and so on and so forth. And what I'd also like to do when each podcast is have something that I recommend to you guys, and this week, the very first podcast I would actually like to recommend some a video that I found on Facebook called budget Jim Carrey. So go for that Google if I it's do whatever you need to do budget Jim Carrey. It'd be great to know your thoughts and your feelings on that and what what you think and more to the point your suggestions please, if you recommend a video that may or may or may not come viral, maybe your own video itself. Let let us know please do. And then with that, we will look to Tell the world that'd be fantastic. So, yeah, name of the game, then is to please please, please get involved. Please share, please, please share. And more importantly, just be yourself. I hope you enjoy this. And yet, we'll be reaching out to you a little bit more often, but nothing too intrusive just to ask you, if you could please get involved. That will be amazing. And so yeah, you can also email us then if you want to contact please use all of our socials, that's brilliant. The best place for everything is discuss it all. day.co.uk discuss it's all.co.uk there is an email address that's info at discuss it all dot code at UK. But the very best way to reach out would just be in general go to the website, there's contact us button there, go for it. Also, something quite snazzy. You can record your own voice message. So if you prefer to actually get involved straightaway, head on over to the website. Hit the microphone button. Talk. Boom, it's there. Brilliant. So yeah, we'd love you to get involved please do. app. Thank you very much for listening to this. And for making me a part of your world even just for the short time. It's very much appreciated. My name is Paul Andrew. I'm hoping to do a quite a few of these with a lot of my friends. So please do get involved if you want to. Alright, take care speech and it's done. Bye bye for now. Thank you for listening, please check out our socials and www.discussitall.co.uk this is discuss it all podcast with Paul Andrew and friends.